Using Belltastic Classes

If you don't want to use Laravel Notifications, you can simply call Belltastic\Notification::create() to send a new notification from any place in your code:

// creates and sends a new notification
\Belltastic\Notification::create($project_id, $user_id, [
    // [required|string]
    // title of the notification, displayed in bolder text
    'title' => 'New comment on your post "Laravel Basics"',
    // [nullable|string]
    // body of the notification, smaller text
    'body' => 'Joe Belltastic has left a comment on your post. Click here to see more.',
    // [nullable|string]
    // link to an icon/avatar to display next to notification
    'icon' => null,
    // [nullable|string]
    // link to visit when the user clicks a notification
    'action_url' => '',
    // [nullable|string]
    // category of the notification, used for segments in the future
    'category' => 'comments',

You can read more about it on the Library Reference page.