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This Composeropen in new window package will help you easily send Belltasticopen in new window notifications from your Laravelopen in new window app to your users. Check out the links above to learn how to set up the component before you begin sending notifications.

Laravel Version Compatibility

This package requires at least PHP 7.3 and Laravel 8.

Guide available

Read our Getting started using Laravel guide


You can install the package via composer:

composer require belltastic/laravel

And then publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="belltastic-config"

For reference, here are the contents of the published config file:


return [
    'base_uri' => env('BELLTASTIC_API_URL', ''),

     * Owner API key (starts with user_...) that you can retrieve from here:
     * @link
     * This will be the token used by default, unless otherwise provided
     * in the $options parameter for Belltastic models.
    'api_key' => env('BELLTASTIC_API_KEY'),

     * Verbose exceptions will contain more information about the request in the exception
     * message. The request URL and the beginning of an API token used (user_zx312****)
     * will be added for easier debugging of configuration.
    'verbose_exceptions' => true,

     * The default Belltastic project ID. This will be used by the Blade directives
    'default_project' => env('BELLTASTIC_PROJECT_ID', '1'),

     * A list of Belltastic projects that this app interacts with.
     * By default, and in most cases, you only need one project and its
     * secret in order to generate valid HMAC authorization tokens.
    'projects' => [
        // this is a configuration for a Belltastic project with ID of 1
        env('BELLTASTIC_PROJECT_ID', '1') => [
            // The Project-specific API key for this project. You can get it from
            // your Project Settings page in Belltastic
            'api_key' => env('BELLTASTIC_PROJECT_API_KEY', ''),

            // The secret is used to calculate User HMAC values with $user->hmac() method.
            'secret' => env('BELLTASTIC_PROJECT_SECRET', ''),

        // env('BELLTASTIC_SECOND_PROJECT_ID') => [
        //     'api_key' => env('BELLTASTIC_SECOND_PROJECT_API_KEY'),
        //     'secret'  => env('BELLTASTIC_SECOND_PROJECT_SECRET'),
        // ],

Setting up API key

You will need to get an API token, so you can securely communicate with our servers and access your data. You can get the token from the API Tokensopen in new window page. The token will have a user_ prefix.

Put it in your .env file like so:


Blade directive

You can easily place the web component anywhere in your Laravel blade views by simply calling the @belltasticComponent Blade directive, like so:



Please see CHANGELOGopen in new window for more information on what has changed recently.