Sending notifications

Once you have set up the component, there are multiple ways you can send notifications to your users:

Belltastic Laravel Package

If you're using Laravel, it is recommended to use this package in order to seamlessly integrate new notifications into your existing app logic.

You can learn more about setting up the package here: in new window

Belltastic API

You can always utilize plain HTTP calls to our API in order to send new notifications. It also provides endpoints to manage your projects, users & notifications from the same API, allowing you to really take control of your data in Belltastic.

You can learn more about the API here: in new window

Sending from Belltastic dashboard

For infrequent and manual notifications, you can just utilize our dashboard to easily send new notifications without any need to integrate anything at all.

  1. Head over to belltastic.comopen in new window
  2. Select the project (unless already selected because you had a default project)
  3. Go to "Send a notification"

There you'll find a simple interface to send new notifications.